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Task 2.2.4 Publication of advisors and advisory bodies (Government's Anti-Corruption Strategy 2013 and 2014) for 2017.

Advisory bodies:

Metrology Council/ Permanent Advisory Body/ Total remuneration incl. VAT - 0 CZK

Conformity assessment committee/permanent advisory body/total remuneration incl. VAT - 0 CZK

More detailed information on the focus of the advisory bodies, including a list of their members, is available on the Authority's website at the following link: advisory-bodies-of-the-chairman-of-the-authority

Paid and contracted consultants:

ÚNMZ of these services he doesn't use it.

Consultancy services (in CZK):

MD Vision 250.000,-- (incl. VAT)

Pavel Stastny 175.000,-- (without VAT)

Lawyers and law firms (in CZK):

Mgr. Jan Soukup 23.232,-- (incl. VAT)

JUDr. Josef Staša 200.000,-- (incl. VAT)

TALK s.r.o. 181.500,-- (incl. VAT)

Allo Tender s.r.o. 121.000,-- (incl. VAT)

Ing. Pavel Reichel 67.000,-- (incl. VAT)

JUDr. Josef Pavelka 108.900,-- (incl. VAT)

Mgr. Jakub Klatovský 427.175,-- (without VAT)

Mgr. Michal Svatoň 368.615,-- (without VAT)

NEXT Legal 217.800,-- (incl. VAT)

Implementation of task 2.4.3. Disclosure of sales and leases of state property (Government Strategy for the Fight against Corruption for 2013 and 2014).

The offer for sale and lease of unnecessary property is published on the Official Board of the ÚNMZ, both in electronic and physical form (see uredni-deska). The offer is also published on the website of the Office for State Representation in Property Matters (see:


Updated to date:          31. 7. 2017