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The Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing ensures in all the time the publication of technical harmonization booklets for the needs of the professional public. Technical harmonisation refers to the harmonisation processes in technical regulation issues in the European Union (legislation with technical content and technical standards) and the application of their results in the Czech Republic within the framework of its membership in the EU.

The individual technical harmonisation booklets contain mainly information on legislation and its application in individual product sectors covered mainly by the New Approach Directives and information on other legislation in the area of metrology. The other booklets are devoted to general issues in the areas within the competence of the Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing.

The published booklets are exclusively informative and are freely available for viewing and downloading on the ÚNMZ website (in the Czech language only). Their dissemination and use (even only parts of them) in any commercial way is not allowed.

The series of published booklets is gradually supplemented and, when necessary, the proceedings are continuously updated.

The published booklets are placed on the ÚNMZ website in two folders. In the folder with current booklets, in addition to the fully up-to-date booklets, there are also booklets that, especially if the legislation was amended after the publication of the booklet, do not fully reflect the applicable law, but in the parts that were not affected by the amendment, are still usable. Booklets which have become completely out of date, particularly as a result of the repeal of the legislation on the basis of which they were compiled, are transferred to the archive of booklets.

The last update of both folders was made on 15 September 2012.

The Terminology section is also included in the ÚNMZ booklets section. The reason for this is that a necessary prerequisite for technical harmonisation is the most concise and uniformly applied assignment of Czech terms to the terms used in European Union legislation. In the period before the Czech Republic's accession to the EU, a four-language terminology dictionary was created as part of the preparation of Czech translations of EU legislation, the Czech translation equivalents of English, French and German terms used in the above-mentioned language versions of EU legislation are still up-to-date and usable by the professional public. This dictionary is embedded here in Microsoft Excel.