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Aerosol dispensers

Government Order No. 194/2001 Coll. (PDF 828 kB) laying down technical requirements for Aerosol Sprayere, as amended by Government Regulation No. 305/2006 Coll. (PDF 299 kB), no. 315/2009 Coll. (PDF 3 MB), no. 80/2014 Coll. (PDF 417 kB) a No 21/2018 Coll..

European Union website

Czech translation of relevant EU directives                        

31975L0324 (PDF 82 kB)
31994L0001 (PDF 56 kB)
32008L0047 (PDF 225 kB)
32013L0010 (PDF 732 kB)
Repair 32013L0010 (PDF 708)