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Information portal - Building products

Information portal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade specialising in legal and technical documents in the field of placing construction products on the European market

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Diagram marketing Buildingch products to the market

General principles for marketing products to the market

Terms and explanations relating to marketing Buildingch products to the market


I. Building products CE marked By Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 (CPR)

Details of the CPR for listing Buildingch products placed on the market with the CE marking 

Delegated acts on CPR

Procedure marketing Buildingch products placed on the market under the CPR with CE marking

Harmonized Technical Specifications:  

Horizontal specifications

European documents for assessment - EAD (overview of ETAG guidance documents used as EAD)

European Technical CPR assessment (ETA)

Overview of Czech notified bodies and bodies for Technical Assessment (TAB) for CPR

Declaration of performance and requirements for CE marking according to the CPR

Systems for assessing and verifying the stability of properties according to the CPR

Basic requirements for buildings according to the CPR

Instructions and documents to CPR

Contact points for Building products CE marked for CPR

II. Selected Building products (without CE marking) according to Government Regulation No. Regulation 163/2002 Coll.

Details of Government Regulation No. 163/2002 Coll. for marketing Selected Buildingch products placed on the market without CE marking

Procedure marketing Buildingch products placed on the market in accordance with Government Regulation No 163/2002 Coll. without CE marking

List of specified standards to Government Regulation No. 163/2002 Coll.

List of bodies authorised to carry out conformity assessment activities for selected Buildingch products

Selected Building products (12 items according to Annex 2 to Government Regulation No 163/2002 Coll.)

III. Other requirements and useful information

Status of the forthcoming law on Buildingch products

Selected legal regulations of the Czech Republic relating to buildings

Selected legal regulations of the Czech Republic relating to BuildingProducts

Selected documents from the TRIS database for Building products


Durability and durability Buildingch products

Additional requirements and voluntary marks

Overviews Europeanch and Czech standards and TNK activities related to BuildingProducts

Technical facilities

European institutions and bodies 

Terminological standards in areaBuildingch products

Abbreviations used

Literature used and highlights Information Resources


IV. Education

Terminology database

BIM terminology

Handbooks for SMEs (2019)


V. Archive: Listing Buildingch products to the Czech and EU markets by 30 June 2013

Council Directive 89/106/EEC (CPD) on Buildingch products and its implementation in the Czech Republic 

Procedure marketing Buildingch products on the market by 30 June 2013

ETA - European Technical approval for CPD 

Declaration of conformity and the requirements for CE marking and EC certificates according to CPD

Systems for demonstrating conformity according to CPD

Basic requirements and interpretation documents to CPD

SCC CPD guidelines, positional documents GNB-CPD and internal documents AG NB-CPD

Handbook "Technical requirements for Building products By documents EC and Czech Republic (November 2013)

Teaching about state testing in the sector Buildingch products (for students of secondary vocational schools (2013)