Envisaged European Commission initiatives

European Commission preparatory bodies

ÚNMZ represents the Czech Republic in European Commission preparatory bodies (comitology committees and expert groups) set up by European legislation falling under the responsibility of the Office.

List of these bodies including contact information is placed on http://www.unmz.cz/office/participation-on-meeting-of-ec-bodies and further details are available upon request on radaeu@unmz.cz.

College of the Commissioners

After being approved by the European Parliament on 22 October 2014, Jean-Claude Junker’s College of Commissioners has started its five-year term on 1 November 2014. President-elect Juncker slightly re-set organization arrangement of European Commission by dividing work into seven different project teams, each led by one of the commissioners.

Further information concerning Commission members and work portfolios of each commissioner can be found on the Commission website.

Commission Work Programme 2015

On 16 December 2014 the European Commission adopted its Work Programme for 2015 – setting out the actions the Commission intends to take over the next 12 months to make a real difference for jobs, growth and investment and bring concrete benefits for citizens.

The Commission’s 2015 Work Programme sets out 23 new initiatives proposed by the Juncker Commission, following the 10 priorities as announced in the Political Guidelines presented to the European Parliament. The Programme also introduces 80 existing proposals which the Commission proposes to withdraw or amend for political or technical reasons. The Work Programme presents focused actions where the Commission will deliver in 2015. In addition, in many areas, the Commission will also continue to work hard to ensure that existing policies and rules are fit for purpose, deliver concrete results on the ground and are properly implemented.

10 key priorities focus on following topics:

  • New Boost for Jobs, Growth and Investment
  • Connected Digital Single Market
  • Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy
  • Deeper and Fairer Internal Market with a Strengthened Industrial Base
  • Deeper and Fairer Economic and Monetary Union
  • Reasonable and Balanced Free Trade Agreement with the U.S.
  • Area of Justice and Fundamental Rights Based on Mutual Trust
  • Towards a New Policy on Migration
  • EU as a Stronger Global Actor
  • Union of Democratic Change

The 2015 Work Programme also reflects the Commission’s strengthened commitment to Better Regulation, building on the Regulatory Fitness Programme (REFIT), which seeks to cut red tape and remove regulatory burdens. The College of Commissioners has identified a series of proposals and existing legislation, which will be reviewed and amended to make them work better for Europe’s citizens and businesses.

This part also includes initiatives in direct responsibility of ÚNMZ: evaluation of pre-packages directives and Machinery directive, fitness check of the most relevant EU legislation impacting construction sector and evaluation of the EU standardization systems.

Work programme of the Commission including all the annexes and accompanying documents are available at the Commission websites.