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Notification database

WTO - - is the World Trade Organization, which regulates trade rules among its member countries and whose main objective is to increase production and trade in goods and services in relation to the optimal use of the world's resources in accordance with the goal of sustainable development and environmental conservation. The WTO currently has 164 member countries.

The Office of the Minister of Foreign Trade processes notifications relating to technical barriers to trade (TBT).
The MoA deals with notifications concerning sanitary and phytosanitary measures (SPS).

Notification database

WTO database that publishes WTO Members' draft technical regulations in English, French and Spanish.

Under the "Search" tab, which allows you to search for all documents made available to the public, you can search for notifications by various criteria such as notification number, country, topic, etc. The procedure for searching for notifications is as follows, in the "Document symbol" field fill in G/TBT/N/ and then fill in the other fields according to your interest. To search for a specific notification, enter G/TBT/N/ in the "Document symbol" field.the number of the specific notification, e.g. USA/123.

The European Commission's database that publishes all draft technical regulations published by WTO members of the TBT Agreement. It also allows searches by various criteria such as document number, country, date etc. But it also allows search for comments members of the Agreement on individual draft technical regulations, which the EC publishes here in a clear manner.

To search for a specific notification, fill in only the number of the specific notification in the "Document number" field, and only fill in the country in the next field.