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Toy safety - current information

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In the field of toy safety, a new regulation is currently being drafted, the proposal for which has been submitted by the European Commission in order to address the identified shortcomings of the existing legislation, i.e. Directive 2009/48/EC on the safety of toys. These shortcomings include, in particular, the lack of protection for children from the risks posed by hazardous chemicals in toys and the increased presence of non-compliant toys on the EU market.
The solutions proposed in the Regulation consist in particular in the introduction of specific requirements for the safety of toys in terms of chemical properties and the introduction of general bans for the most harmful substances, the introduction of a requirement to protect children also in terms of their mental health, psychological well-being and cognitive development, the introduction of a digital product passport and mandatory accreditation, and the modification of the European Commission's power to adopt implementing and delegated acts and to adopt common specifications by means of an implementing act in the absence of harmonised standards.
We will keep you informed about the publication of the Toy Safety Regulation in the Official Journal of the EU on our website.