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List of Government Regulations to implement Act No. 22/1997 Coll.

on technical requirements for products and on amendment and supplementation of certain acts, as amended, laying down technical requirements for products

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  1. Government Order No. 173/1997 Coll. /PDF 258 kB/ laying down selected products on conformity assessment, as amended by the Government Regulation No. 174/1998 Coll. /PDF 297 kB/, Government Regulation No. 78/1999 Coll. /PDF 186 kB/, Government Regulation 323/2000 Coll. /PDF 941 kB/, Government Regulation No. 329/2002 Coll. /PDF 1 MB/, Government Regulation No 88/2010 Coll.. /PDF 751 kB/ and the government regulation No. 450/2016 Coll.
  2. Government Order No. 194/2001 Coll. /PDF 828 kB/ laying down technical requirements for aerosol dispensers, as amended by Government Decree No. 305/2006 Coll. /PDF 299 kB/, Government Regulation No. 315/2009 Coll. /PDF 3 MB/a government regulation No. 80/2014 Coll. /PDF 527 kB/ (75/324/EEC as amended by 94/1/EC, 2008/47/EC and 2013/10/EU + N EPaR 1272/2008)
  3. Government Order No. 9/2002 Coll. /PDF 3 MB/ laying down technical requirements for products with regard to noise emissions, as amended by the Government Regulation 342/2003 Coll. /PDF 1 MB/ and the government regulation 198/2006 Coll. /PDF 406 kB/ (86/594/EEC, 2000/14/EC, 2005/88/EC)
  4. Government Order 163/2002 Coll. /PDF 878 kB/ laying down technical requirements for selected building products, as amended by the Government Regulation 312/2005 Coll. /PDF 1 MB/ and Government Regulation No. 215/2016 Coll.. /PDF 689 kB/
  5. Government Order No. 25/2003 Coll./PDF 13 MB/ laying down technical requirements for efficiency of new hot water boilers burning liquid or gaseous fuels, as amended by the Government Regulation 126/2004 Coll./PDF 89 kB/ and the Government Regulation No. 42/2006 Coll.. /PDF 86 kB/ (92/42/EEC)
  6. Government Order 133/2005 Coll. /PDF 1,5 MB/about technical requirements for operational and technical Connectivity of the European rail system, as amended by Government Decree No. 371/2007 Coll.  /PDF 438 kB/, Government Regulation No. 289/2010 Coll. /PDF 530 kB/, Government Regulation No. 88/2012 Coll. /PDF 879 kB/ and Government Regulation No. 72/2016 Coll. /PDF 515 kB/ (2008/57/EU)
  7. Government Order No. 176/2008 Coll. /PDF 4,2 MB/, on technical requirements for machinery, as amended by the Government Regulation 170/2011 Coll. /PDF 284 kB/ and the Government Regulation 229/2012 Coll. /2 MB/ (2006/42/EC, 2009/127/EC, 2012/32/EU), Government Regulation No.  320/2017 Coll.
  8. Government Order No. 86/2011 Coll./PDF 1.4 MB/ on technical requirements for toys, as amended by the Government Regulation 24/2013 Coll. /PDF 276 kB/, Government Regulation No. 339/2013 Coll. /PDF 515 kB/, Government Regulation 151/2015 Coll. /567 kB/, Government Regulation No.  97/2017 Coll., Government Regulation No. 86/2018 Coll. and Government Regulation 222/2019 Coll..(2009/48/EC, as amended by SK 2012/7/EU + NC 681/2013 and SK 2014/84/EU)
  9. Government Order No. 208/2011 Coll. /PDF 779 kB/ on technical requirements for transportable pressure equipment  (2010/35/EU)
  10. Government Order 481/2012 Coll. /PDF 754 kB/ o restrictions on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (2011/65/EU), as amended by Government Regulation No. 391/2016 Coll., government regulation 101/2018 Coll., government regulation 146/2019 Coll. and government regulations 121/2020 Coll.
  11. Government Order No. 56/2015 Coll. /PDF 2 MB/ on Technical Requirements for in vitro diagnostic medical devices (98/79/EC, as amended by N 1882/2003, N 596/2009 and 2011/100/EU)


Last modified: 29 Sep 2021


The numbers of EC (or EU) directives which adopt the given government regulations are given in brackets, or the numbers of EU regulations (marked N) if it is about ensuring their application in the Czech Republic, or Commission regulations (NK) or numbers of Commission directives (marked SK).

In the case of a so-called codified version of a Directive which replaces the earlier Directive with its complete text and all its amendments (references to the repealed Directive are deemed to be references to the codified Directive), the abbreviation "codif." precedes the codified Directive. After the semicolon, the designation of the original Directive with the date of its replacement shall remain. The Government Regulation shall not be amended in such a case.