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Study to support the evaluation of the MID and NAWID Directives


A study is currently underway to assess Directives 2014/31/EU (NAWID) and 2014/32/EU (MID) for their functionality, applicability and timeliness. The study is being carried out for the European Commission by a consortium led by Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services LLP (The outcome of the evaluation and publication of the EC report is expected in August 2024.

For the expert consultation phase of the study, which runs from October to December 2023, CSES invites any interested parties to provide their name, contact details, discipline and professional title to Mark Whittle ( and Lisa Ensor (

The main objectives of the study are as follows:

  •    analysis of the applicability of metrology directives in relation to their original purposes
  •    reviewing the adequacy of the directives, in particular:
    1.  basic requirements
    2.  scope (types of meters), relevance with regard to ongoing technological developments, market trends and societal changes since 2014
  •  obtaining data on the implementation of metrology directives and their impact on citizens, businesses (including SMEs) and authorities
  • a better understanding of the European market and its evolution since the adoption of the MID and its adaptation to the new legislative framework in 2014

Further details and timetable are given in in the attached document.