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World Metrology Day - 20 May


The theme for World Metrology Day 2019 is International System of Units - better from the ground up. This topic was chosen because on 16 November 2018, the General Conference on Weights and Measures agreed on arguably one of the most significant revisions to the International System of Units (SI) since its introduction. Research into new measurement methods, including the use of quantum phenomena, has underpinned the change, which becomes effective on 20 May 2019. The SI system is now based on a series of definitions, each of which is linked to a law of physics, which will enable further advances in metrology as a science and technology and meet the needs of future users for many years to come.

Indeed, metrology, the science of measurement more broadly, plays a central role in scientific discovery and innovation, industrial production, international trade, improving the quality of life and protecting the global environment.

World Metrology Day is an annual celebration of the signing of the Metric Convention on 20 May 1875 by representatives of seventeen nations. The Convention set the framework for global cooperation in metrology in industry, commerce and social use. The original goal of the Metric Convention was broad global uniformity of measurement - which remains as important today as it was then in 1875.

The World Metrology Day project is jointly implemented by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures and the International Organization for Legal Metrology.

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