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ÚNMZ - logo

Changing corporate identity


The Office for Technical Standardization, Metrology and State Testing (ÚNMZ) will start using a new form of a uniform visual style from 24 February 2020.

The new logotype is easy to identify and remember. It consists of the visual part of the symbol and the text part of the name of the office. However, the symbol can also be used on its own. " The main motif of the logo is the symbol of a gear, which is a basic structural component of gearboxes and other machines, mirrors the technical focus of the Office and thus emphasizes our mission to ensure the tasks arising from the laws of the Czech Republic governing technical standardization, metrology and state testing and tasks in the field of technical regulations and standards applied within the framework of the Czech membership in the European Union" says Mgr. Viktor Pokorný, chairman of the ÚNMZ.

The existing logo has been used by the ÚNMZ since 1993. Its design is outdated in terms of the identity and communication of the office and does not correspond to current standards. The Office expects the new brand to become an effective tool for communication with target groups and to better present the Office in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Along with the new logo, the ÚNMZ is also launching a new website. "When creating them, we put emphasis on simplicity, clarity and better orientation in the services offered to the visitor of the site" adds Viktor Pokorný.

We believe that the new identity will be perceived positively and will serve the Authority for many years to come.