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Consultation on the European semiconductor supply chain

Consultation on the European semiconductor supply chain

(European semiconductor value chain consultation)

  •   Opening: 10 October 2022
  •   Closing date: 11.11.2022

The European Commission and Member States have launched a consultation on the semiconductor supply chain consisting of two surveys, one for suppliers and one for end-users of semiconductors. The Commission will analyse the results of the consultation and, in cooperation with European Semiconductor Expert Group (ESEG) propose a monitoring mechanism that will include the identification of appropriate early warning indicators of future supply chain failures, thereby preventing semiconductor supply crises.

On 8 February 2022, the Commission published Recommendationsto enable rapid and coordinated monitoring of the European semiconductor supply chain, focusing on risks that may disrupt, threaten or adversely affect supply. On the basis of this recommendation, a permanent mechanism for monitoring the semiconductor supply chain should be prepared, as proposed under the Chip Regulation (draft regulation).

The survey on the European Commission's website is open to manufacturers (here (available in Czech language only)), as well as end users (here (available in Czech language only)).