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The Department of State Testing of the Ministry of Industry and Trade issues information on the placing on the market of smoke and heat extraction equipment

Smoke and heat extraction devices (SHSD) are an important and frequently used product for ensuring fire safety in buildings. These devices create and maintain a smoke-free layer above the floor in the event of a fire by means of smoke extraction, directing the movement of smoke and heat generated by the fire and ensuring its removal from the building. ZOCTs also help to remove hot and toxic gases released during the initial stages of a fire. When ZOKTs are used, the ventilation creates smoke-free spaces below and the smoke layer in the updraft is spread out. These devices have an indispensable role in facilitating the evacuation of people from buildings and other objects, in the intervention of firefighting units, in reducing fire damage and financial losses, in preventing smoke from spreading to other parts of the building, in facilitating firefighting by improving visibility, in reducing roof temperatures and in slowing the spread of fire.

The individual components of these systems are regulated by Regulation (EU) 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council in a similar way to electrical fire alarm systems (EFS) and fixed fire extinguishing systems (FES). The marketing of complete ZOKT systems is carried out in accordance with Government Regulation No.163/2002 Coll., as amended. In Annex 2 of the National Standard 163/2002 Coll., these products are listed in Table 10 TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT OF BUILDINGS, under serial number 3: Stable fire systems (products for fire alarm/detection, stable fire fighting, fire and smoke control and explosion suppression). The conformity assessment procedure is in accordance with Article 5a of the General Regulation No 163/2002 Coll., with the mandatory participation of a third independent party, the so-called authorised person. Their list is given in the Information Portal for Construction Products under hereby by reference (line 10/3). To ensure the correct functioning of the ZOKT, it is necessary to assess the requirements for the entire system. The methodology for the assessment of ZOKT is available on the website of the Coordination Centre for Construction Products under hereby link, list of components under hereby by reference.

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