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Draft new CPR and Circular Economy Package


On 30 March 2022, the European Commission presented a package on the circular economy ( draft regulation on the marketing of construction products.
The draft Regulation is a comprehensive amendment of the existing Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 and aims in particular to address the identified shortcomings of the currently applicable Regulation and to take into account the objectives of the Green Deal for Europe specified in the Circular Economy Action Plan or the Communication on the Renovation Wave.
The main elements of the proposal include clarification of the scope of the regulated area (including the inclusion of reused and 3D printed building products and prefabricated houses), the introduction of environmental, functional and safety requirements for building products; the definition of the so-called "safety requirements". The introduction of a harmonised zone (an area within which EU Member States will not be able to apply their own national requirements, while introducing a specific mechanism to take account of specific national requirements within the harmonised technical specifications); setting sustainability requirements for construction products, reducing the administrative burden for SMEs and micro-enterprises, strengthening the enforcement powers of supervisory authorities and expanding the role of the Contact Points for Construction Products.

The text of the Regulation, including annexes and related documents, is available at the links below:

Until 12 July 2022, you can join the general debate on the draft Regulation and express your views via the European Commission's public portal "Have your say" at Construction products - review of EU rules (