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Importation of CE marked goods into the UK market until 1 January 2023

The UK government has taken the decision to allow the import of CE marked goods into the UK market until 1 January 2023.

Although the UK Government has made considerable efforts to support industry and trade in the transition to the new UKCA regime, the pandemic situation has impaired the ability of firms to fully adapt, hence the announced extension of the ability to import CE marked goods. This means that all product lines can fully prepare for the use of the UKCA from 1 January 2023. This is now the latest deadline and will no longer be extended. A full list of all product lines covered by the UKCA marking can be found at,More%20information,civil%20explosives,-Legislative%20areas%20where.

Over the next 16 months, the UK Government will continue to actively support the industry in preparing for the new requirements. The next such event will be a webinar entitled Manufactured goods regulation - placing goods on the market in GB and NI, where the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will educate businesses on the changes that will take place and the steps that need to be taken.