Information for authorized metrological centres

1. Placing the tachograph installation label (PDF 594 kB)

2. Information from the Director of the Metrology Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to ensure compliance with the conditions of authorisation of AMS performing verification of digital tachographs (PDF 835 kB)

3. Method of reporting the number of verified meters (PDF 315 kB), downloadable table in .xlsx format (15 kB), downloadable table in .xls format (55 kB)

4. Information on the release of MPM 21-16 (PDF 206 kB)

5. Information on the issue of MP 017 (PDF 420 kB)

6. MPM 10-17 release information (PDF 63 kB)

7. Information on the issue of MP 018 (PDF 67 kB) (DOC 124 kB)

8. Reporting the number of verified meters for 2017: Table download (.xlsx, 15 kB)

9. Information on the issue of MP 021 (PDF 275 kB). Download the regulations: MP 021 (PDF 2,5 MB)

10. Information on the introduction of TG 2G (PDF 27 kB)

11. MPM 10-20 release information + MPM 10-20 + Specimen applications for MPM 10-20

12. Communication from the Managing Authority on the certification of AMS staff

13. Information on the release of the updated version of the metrological regulation MP 018

Download the regulations: MP 018 (Tachographs with registration of drivers' work activity     motor vehicles that are compulsorily equipped with them - analogue and digital, testing procedure for verification)

14. Information on the release of the updated version of the metrology regulation MP 002

15. Information on the release of MPM 10-23 + MPM 10-23 + Specimen applications for MPM 10-23

16. Information on the release of MPM 10-23 Z1 + MPM 10-23 Z1 + Application templates for MPM 10-23 Z1

17. Instruction of the Director of the Department of Metrology of ÚNMZ Prague on the verification of "Intelligent Tachographs Version 2

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