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Translations of WELMEC instruction documents

The PRM tasks address translations selected international guidance and information documents WELMEC

Translations documents WELMEC

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WELMEC Guide 2 Directives 2014/23/EC and 2014/32/EC: Common application
Scales with non-automatic operation (NAWI)
Automatic Weighing Instruments (AWI)
Multi Dimensional Measuring Instruments (MDMI)
(ed. 2021), (PDF 922 kB)
WELMEC Guide 2.1 Instructions for testing indicators (PDF 777 kB) - Note downloaded, published for comparative purposes only
WELMEC Guide 2.2 Instructions for testing POS systems (PDF 338 kB)
WELMEC Guide 2.3 Software Testing Guide (PDF 373 kB) - Note downloaded, published for comparison purposes only
WELMEC Guide 2.5 Guide for Modular Access and Testing of Computers and Other Digital Peripherals (NAWI) - Note downloaded, published for comparative purposes only
(PDF 268 kB)
WELMEC Guide 2.8 Guide to converting NAWI test results (indicator) for AWI purposes (PDF 597)
WELMEC Guide 2.10 Technical implementation of modular evaluation of scales with non-automatic operation, scales with automatic operation (2021 edition), (PDF 576 kB)
WELMEC Guide 5.2 Market Surveillance Guide (NAWI and MID) (PDF 212 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.0 Introduction to documentsWELMEC for finished packages (PDF 423 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.1 Definition of terms (for pre-packaged products) (PDF 782 kB)
WELMEC Info 6-001 Overview of the impact of the Food Information Regulation on pre-packaging (PDF 92 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.3 Guide to the harmonised implementation of Council Directive 76/211/EEC as amended
(PDF 551 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.4 Handbook for packers and importers of HBZ marked with the symbol "e" (PDF 995 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.5 Guidelines for the inspection of finished packages marked with the e symbol (PDF 1 340 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.6 Manual for the recognition of practices (PDF 452 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.7 Guidance for competent authorities to control the ready-to-eat packaging market (PDF 1513 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.8 Drip quantity (PDF 510 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.9 Finished packages - measurement uncertainty (PDF 1 312 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.12 Guide to Directive 75/107/EEC (PDF 1 074 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.10 Information on controls of prepackaged products including implementation of Council Directive 76/211/EEC (2011) (PDF 1284 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.11 Information on finished packages whose quantity changes after packaging (2013) (PDF 615 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.13 Conformity of imported finished packages with "e" marking (2017) (PDF 1211 kB)
WELMEC Guide 6.14 Instructions and information on units of weight or volume for finished packages (2018) (PDF 1094 kB)
WELMEC Guide 7.2 Software Manual (2023) (PDF 1.76 MB)
WELMEC Guide 7.3 Reference architectures -nand based on the WELMEC Guide 7.2 (2020) (PDF 1158 kB)
WELMEC Guide 7.4 Examples of applications WELMEC Guide 7.2 (2022) (PDF 534 kB)
WELMEC Guide 7.5 Software in NAWI (Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Directive)
2014/31/EU)(2020)(PDF 432 kB)
WELMEC Guide 7.6 Software Risk Assessment (2021 edition), (PDF 842 kB) with attachment No. 1 (xls 35 kB)
WELMEC Guide 8.0 Notified bodies under Directives 2014/31/EU and 2014/32/EU - general information on assessment and activities (2016) (PDF 216 kB)
WELMEC Guide 8.2 Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU - Application of Module H1 (2018) (PDF 771 kB)
WELMEC Guide 8.3 Application of Procedure B: EU Type Examination (according to MID and NAWID Directives) (PDF 972 kB)
WELMEC Guide 8.4 Application of Procedure D - Quality Assurance under Directive 2014/32/EU (MID) or Directive 2014/31/EU (NAWID) (2017) (PDF 611 kB)
WELMEC Guide 8.5 Assessment of notified bodies
according to EN ISO/IEC 17065 (2018) (PDF 824 kB)
WELMEC Guide 8.6 Assumption of conformity of manufacturers' quality system according to Module D (NAWID), Modules D, H1 (MID) in application of EN ISO 9001:2015 (PDF 1 138 kB) (2018)
WELMEC Guide 8.7 Meter Directive (2014/32/EU)
Assessment of notified bodies authorised for Module F according to EN ISO/IEC 17020 (2018)
(PDF 1 027 kB)
WELMEC Guide 8.8 Manual for the general and administrative aspects of the voluntary modular meter rating system (2017) (PDF 712 kB)
WELMEC Guide 8.9 Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU: Common Application - Measuring Vessels (2020) (PDF 1100 kB)
WELMEC Guide 10.1 Instructional Document for type testing of a family of rotary volume flowmeters for liquids other than water (PDF 267 kB)
WELMEC Guide 10.3 Instructional Document for the use of recording equipment in measuring systems for liquids other than water - Note withdrawn, published for comparative purposes only - Note withdrawn, published for comparative purposes only
(PDF 430 kB)
WELMEC Guide 10.8 Guide for the joint application of MID Annex VII (MI-005) and OIML R117-1, (R81, R80, R139) (2020)
(PDF 796 kB)
WELMEC Guide 10.10 Guide to the evaluation of purely digital parts (PDF 693 kB)
WELMEC Guide 11.1 Meter Directive 2014/32/EU - Common applications for municipal meters (2020) (PDF 1351 kB)
WELMEC Guide 11.3 Instructional Document for the sealing of active energy meters, gas meters and energy conversion meters (2020)
(PDF 671 kB)
WELMEC Guide 11.4 Information to be included in the type-examination certificate and markings attached to gas meters (2015) (PDF 759 kB)
WELMEC Guide 11.5 Media Consumption Meters and Attachments (2015) (PDF 775 kB)