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Public consultation on the Standardisation Strategy Plan until 26.7.2021 - extended until 9.8.2021

Standardisation Strategy Plan

European Standardisation System (ESS) has been successful in recent decades, is a cornerstone of today's single market and supports the overall competitiveness of EU industry. In an ever-changing environment, the European Standardisation System is a flexible and effective way to ensure that European and international standards are set in line with the EU's strategic interests and values.

But the ESS is currently not sufficiently equipped to anticipate the necessary future standards, especially if it is to support the EU's objectives under the Green Deal for Europe and the European Digital Decade.

The initiative aims to consolidate and improve the EU standardisation system so as to continue to promote a well-functioning single market, foster the competitiveness of EU industry and protect EU citizens and the environment.

The European Commission is asking for feedback from citizens and stakeholders, especially on the questions:

  1. Does the current European standardisation system support European strategic interests?
  2. How can the EU promote global leadership in setting standards?
  3. Are changes in leadership and working methods needed to improve the implementation of the European Standardisation System?

The main stakeholders in the consultation are EU industry, consumer organisations, universities, trade associations, SMEs, Member States, European/national parliaments, European/national standardisation bodies. The Commission will conduct some targeted consultations to ensure that all key stakeholders have the opportunity to express their views.

More detailed information can be found at the link: roadmap.